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Here Be Dragons is a Lord of the Rings Online kinship on the Landroval server. We are mainly social, fairly active, and very friendly. We have a splendid kin house on our own private island (now with dragon!). We are ALWAYS recruiting. Send a /tell to Ali or any officer online in-game, or apply via this website!

Member or not, feel free to stop by our kin house at Tol Lochul, Celondal, Belfalas Homesteads, at any time! We're always open to visitors, and encourage you to pick up some ingredient packs, use our crafting stations, or drink from our ale kegs. (Don't forget to /pat the cats!)


Semi-Fearless Leader, Here Be Dragons
and Space Hobbit of Landroval
Kinship Rules
1. Be Excellent To Each Other.

2. ("Party On, Dudes" is implied.)

That is all.

Ali / Dec 11, 2017 / Kinship Events

While this website may have been rather inactive, the kinship has NOT. We're going stronger than ever, and recently celebrated our first anniversary! The evening began with anniversary keg rides, then moved to Moria, to the bar at the top of the 2...

Ali / Mar 18, 2017 / In-Game Kinship Mail

Kinnies, after months of futility, we have finally stayed true to our kin name and have a surprise for you once you arrive at the kin house. After months of futility we have been blessed with a dragon. So come see and enjoy the view.(from: Cherwood)

Ali / Jan 12, 2017 / Check This Out!

On 13 January 2017, beginning at about 7 am /servertime (EST), two astronauts will be performing a spacewalk to do some power upgrades on the ISS. Should be cool to watch!More info here: link to the webcast should be poste...

Rules for Kinship Grouping
1. We have fun.

2. We group when we can, and when we want to. No schedules needed.

3. We learn from our mistakes.

4. Nobody is perfect. No one needs to be. No pressure; no blame.

5. If we all die, we die laughing.

6. When in doubt, see Kinship Rules.

7. We have fun!
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