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#12971796 Jan 07, 2017 at 02:08 PM
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I talked with Cheekymunky and decided to post up some basic info on what stats to gain on leading up to going into Moria. Afterwards, items balance out pretty well. Here's the low-down:

RK, Mini, LM are Will/Fate/Tact mastery.

Burg, Ward, and Hunters are Agi, Phys Mastery, and crit rating.

Champ, Captains, and Guards are Vit and might.

If anyone has anything else to add, please do so! Hope this helps anyone that's working on alts and don't know what kind of gear to use!
#12985179 Jan 13, 2017 at 12:46 AM
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Great idea, guys!

Here's my first, most basic tip as a red line Minstrel:

As soon as you get the class deed Unrelenting (I think at level 10), do your best to complete it ASAP. Lotro-wiki says you need to land critical hits with Piercing Cry 100 times, a maximum of 20 times per day unless you use a class deed accelerator. Upon completing this deed, you will then land a 5 second uninterruptible stun every time you crit with Piercing Cry.

That 5 second uninterruptible stun? is AMAZING. You can do so much damage in 5 seconds. Especially at lower levels, I generally find that the mob is dead before the stun even wears off.

To facilitate both leveling this deed and maximizing its usefulness after completion, I like to boost fate and crit stats as much as possible without sacrificing other things. I also use Piercing Cry as the initial attack in my rotation - first, because that means using it more often (and speeding up the Unrelenting deed) and because it's so very effective.

Once you get to Moria and your Legendary Weapon, there's also a major legacy available to boost Piercing Cry damage. I recommend it MOST highly. :)
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