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Info on our storage neighborhood

Ali / Jan 12, 2017 / In-Game Kinship Mail
Semi-fearless Leader here, with info on our storage neighborhood.

We don't own the whole neighborhood, more like half of it, but the housing chests there hold overflow items that are Free! Free! Free! for all kinnies to take, use and enjoy. There are maps at this URL: (You do NOT have to have joined the kin website to see them!) You can also tell which houses are ours by looking for dwarven statues in the yard which say "Bound to Ali's Account".

Here's a current list of what's there:

Sigill, 1 Threshold: cosmetics
Thandd, 2 Threshold: class quest items
Magorr, 3 Threshold: armor/shields/weapons/jewelry
Hatholl, 4 Threshold: cooking ingredients
Hollybeth, 1 Low: misc low-level stuff
Annomalie, 2 Low: Not Yet Used
Gwiberling, 3 Low: Not Yet Used
Wyvernita, 1 Cloven: Not Yet Used
Dragonetta, 2 Cloven: Not Yet Used
Falconne, 3 Cloven: Not Yet Used

Hope this helps!


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